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An aerial view of a square-shaped ruined castle on an overcast day. The castle grounds and surrounding fields have been inundated by floodwater, cutting the site off from neighbouring farmland.

Impact of Climate Change on Heritage

Thursday 2 November 2023

Engine Shed


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Event Description

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Scotland’s traditional buildings must be carefully assessed and appropriately retrofitted to mitigate the potential damage of climate change to their historic fabric and cultural significance.

Join us as we delve into aspects of climate change policy, explore theoretical and practical solutions that are making a difference, and discuss how we can protect Scotland's assets for the future.

A networking lunch will provide you with the opportunity to continue discussions and explore the Engine Shed.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • understand the emerging threats to Scotland’s historic built environment stemming from increased rainfall, increasing temperatures, and rising sea levels

  • learn about how HES (and Scotland as a whole) aims to combat the immediate effects of climate change at both policy and practical levels

  • identify the most immediate and damaging ways Scotland’s traditional buildings are affected by a changing climate and the best measures to be taken to address this challenge


  • Mairi Davies, Climate Change Policy Manager at Historic Environment Scotland
  • Jack Caldwell, Carbon Projects Manager at Historic Environment Scotland
  • Lila Angelaka, Senior Technical Officer at Historic Environment Scotland

Engine Shed

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