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Film and Photography

Personal use

You don't need permission for any images, footage or sound recording you take for personal use on a smartphone or small handheld device. Tag us in your images on social media. 

A camera man holds a large broadcast film camera on a tripod. In front of the camera, there are a number of professionals talking and working in a lab.
Filming at the Engine Shed

Permissions required 

You must apply for permission to film at the Engine Shed if the photography, filming or sound recording for the following purposes:

  • is for public broadcast whether on TV, radio or online
  • is for commercial purposes
  • is for students/school children for educational projects
  • requires excessive equipment, e.g. full-size tripod(s), lighting stand(s), electric cables and/or significant number of crew

For full information on fees, discuss your project with us by emailing

See filming guidelines

UAS (Drones) Filming

Anyone who wishes to operate a UAS on property under the care of HES must obtain prior consent.

UAS (Drones) Policy
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