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A row of sandstone tenements in the city with slate roofs

[Postponed] The Geology of Scotland's Built Environment

Wednesday 5 October 2022

Engine Shed

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Please note this event is postponed and will not be taking place at the Engine Shed on Wednesday 5 October. We will update this listing with the new date as soon as possible.

At this free event, part of Scotland's Geology Festival, discover how Scotland's geology shaped our historic built environment over centuries.

Scotland possesses a rich legacy of natural stone buildings, having been an international hub for quarrying and masonry craft throughout most of its recorded history.

The country was once a thriving stone industry with over 2,000 quarries across the country which created rural towns, villages and settlements.

However, the quarrying industry that produced almost all of Scotland’s stone has largely disappeared after suffering a rapid decline during the early 20th century.

Conservation of traditional stone-built heritage critically depends on the availability of natural stone materials for repairs, which is in many cases inadequate in the present day.

However, a lack of awareness about traditional stone materials, as well as a lack of information about them are significant problems that must be addressed before efforts can be focused on improving the situation.

Wednesday 5 October 2022


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Engine Shed

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