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Repair and Conservation of the Doulton Fountain

Case Study 2

This case study follows the processes involved in the repair and conservation of the Doulton Fountain, commissioned for the Glasgow Exhibition of 1888 and which stands on Glasgow Green. The structure of this imposing terracotta fountain had suffered badly from decay and vandalism and a major conservation project was taken to repair this damage culminating in the fountain being switched back on in 2005. This report details all stages of this process from the initial detailed research, planning the project, taking the fountain down, manufacturing replacement elements and the final re-erection of the structure.

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    Researchers, Conservation and Heritage Enthusiasts

  • Date Published

    01 February 2008

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    Historic Scotland

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    Technical, Advice & Guidance, Case Study

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    Nicola Ashurst

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Repair and Conservation of the Doulton Fountain