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MacFarlane's Castings, Volumes 1 & 2

Saracen Foundry, Glasgow

This volume is the first of a number of Technical Reference books to be produced by the Technical Conservation Group and celebrates the legacy of one of Scotland's most successful and internationally renowned 19th Century industrial firms, Walter MacFarlane & Co's Saracen Foundry. There are very few original catalogues of Walter MacFarlane and Co left in general circulation, yet their ironwork is common. This publication is intended to act as a technical reference for those involved in the conservation of existing ironwork, or assisting in the design of replacement items.

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    29 January 2009

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    Historic Scotland

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    Research, Historic Trade Catalogue

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    David Mitchell

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    Purchase two books presented in a slipcase, or download a free copy of either or both volumes.



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Saracen Foundry