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Providing Training in Building Conservation | Advice For Employers

Providing training in building conservation

Providing training in building conservation

Are you an employer looking to upskill your workforce and strengthen your business?

Providing your employees with training not only updates existing skills, but teaches new techniques and puts employees at the forefront of the latest building conservation and trade developments.

Explore how to keep your current and future workforce skilled and knowledgeable.

Why invest in building conservation training?

Training is valuable for Scotland's historic environment and it's immensely beneficial for your business.

Historic buildings are part of our everyday lives. They are our homes, schools and work places as well as the castles, abbeys and brochs we love to visit. Training in traditional skills makes people, businesses and communities more prepared for looking after these important buildings, towns and landscapes.

Re-using, adapting and maintaining historic buildings will also help Scotland reach net zero. Their repair creates good, green jobs across the country.

Find out more about how the historic environment supports a green recovery on the Historic Environment Scotland website.

When it comes to your business, workforce planning and training will help you prepare for current and future sector needs, such as skills shortages. 

Becoming involved in heritage projects is an excellent way to provide training and upskill your local community. They can also provide the necessary focus to identify skills gaps and provide funding opportunities for individual events or approaches.

How to plan effective training

When developing training for your workforce, always identify its purpose. Consider what exact skills are necessary for your project, community or business.

Answering these questions can help you figure this out:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who do you want to train?
  • What do your learners need?
  • How will the training be delivered?
  • How will it relate to real world practice?

Have a look through the following pages to see what training might look like for different areas within the sector. You can then decide what training approach would be most useful or appropriate for your situation or project.

Find more information about training provisions.

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