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Hiring a contractor



Maintaining and repairing traditional buildings often requires the input of a number of experts skilled in traditional building methods and materials.

Builders or contractors, roofers, joiners, stonemasons and other tradespeople may be more or less experienced in caring for traditional buildings. But the benefits of hiring an expert can be significant.

Older buildings are often fragile and demand careful thought and attention. Expert knowledge is invaluable in ensuring that repairs have a long life – and that so too does the fabric of your property.

Choosing a contractor will take a little time and effort, but this is well worth it in the long run. To check that a contractor has the right background, you can ask to see references or speak to previous clients, view photos of recent work or even visit a site in person.

You can use notes taken during your regular inspections of your property to write the work specification. Managing the work will be easier if you also find out and agree on how the work will proceed before it actually begins.

Larger or more complex projects may require specialist advice from one or more building professionals. The relevant professional institution can help you to source the right individual to support your project.

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