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Build a future from Scotland's past

Find out about training and skills development within the historic environment in Scotland.

Shaping the future of building conservation

As Scotland’s dedicated building conservation centre, part of Historic Environment Scotland, we’re promoting the care and maintenance of the built environment and the opportunities within it.

From using cutting-edge technology to age-old traditional skills, we conserve the historic environment so we and future generations can enjoy it.

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Working in the historic environment sector

Fewer decisions in life are bigger or more complex than choosing a career. Choosing to work within the historic environment can be a positive step that can guide many of your decisions. 

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Professional development in building conservation

Discover how professional development can enable you and your workforce to adapt to the changing needs of the historic environment.

Professional development in building conservation
A woman in a bright yellow safety vest and white hard hat uses a bossing stick to shape a lead sheet.