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A group of people cutting wood inside a workshop

Building Skills

This section explores specific construction and restoration projects throughout Scotland. The videos, dating as far back as 1929, feature traditional processes and skills involved in reinstating and erecting buildings.

Councils Enterprise

Construction of the seawall at Saltcoats in Ayrshire. The wall serves two purposes, to help make Saltcoats more attractive to visitors and also keep the water out.

Construction of the Ritz Cinema, Edinburgh

Construction of the Ritz cinema in Edinburgh in around 1929, from virgin site to opening day. The new projection facilities are shown and the cinema staff introduce themselves.

Wealth of a Nation

This is one of seven documentaries made for screening at the 1938 Empire Exhibition. The film compares and contrasts Scotland's old and new industries.

The House that John Built

Two men building a house from new in 1954, including laying the foundations and bricklaying.

Construction of Oswald Street Bridge

Construction of the King George V Bridge on Oswald Street, Glasgow. This was one of the first bridges to be built of reinforced concrete in Britain in 1926.

Church Hut, Tayport

The conversion of the Battery Factory canteen into Tayport's Sunday school in 1954.

Construction of Bells Sports Centre

Construction of Bells Sports Centre, Perth in 1966. It concentrates on the erection of the domed structure and the logistics of transporting materials.

Carrick Knowe

The building and opening of the Church of Scotland in Carrick Knowe in 1953.

Iona Rebuilt

The rebuilding of the monastic buildings at Iona Abbey between 1938 and 1959.

Remembering the Second World War

The construction of the Second World War memorial in Dunfermline in 1953.

Dundee Stonemasons

Stonemasons at work and a completed building in Dundee, 1982.

Old and New 1948

The reworking of the Belhaven cafe in Wishaw Lanarkshire, between 1948 and 1955. The film captures tradesman at work, masons, joiners and glaziers, the Cocozza family and the interest of passers-by.


Restoration of the Church of Holy Rude

Restoration of the church of the Holy Rude in Stirling, and Queen Mary’s visit in 1936.

Leaded Lights

Leaded lights being made in 1936.

Luichart and Meig; Gammies at Norwood

The construction of Meig Dam and Luichart Power Station in about 1951.

Images and videos are provided courtesy of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.
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